Renault Kerax

Renault Kerax

Technical information




A range of cabs adapted to the needs of construction activities:

  • Day cab for a compact vehicle.
  • Global cab available with 3 types of interior fittings.
    -Global Standard - Global Night - Global Utility.
  • Sleeper cab for comfort.


DXi11 Euro 5.


New gearboxes for an optimal combination of payload, lower consumption and smooth driving. Four 16 speed manual gearboxes and two automated 12 speed gearboxes.

3 systems making it possible to increase gear shift smoothness on manual gearboxes :

  • Cable control which increases comfort (by filtering vibrations), smoothness and safety: eliminates gears jumping due to movement of the cab in relation to the chassis.
  • Servoshift: an assistance system allowing the effort needed for shifting gears to be reduced by 75%.
  • Super H which consists of superimposing gears 5 to 8 on top of gears 1 to 4.

To switch from one range of gears to another, the driver simply has to activate the press button on the gearshift lever handle.
The electrovalve protects the system from driver errors when shifting gears.
The gearbox splitter syncro protection prevents inadvertent shifting from a high to a low range of gears. Gear selection is accurate, swift (with short selection travel) and secured (electrovalve).

The Optidriver+ gearboxes are particularly suitable for worksite supply and on-site applications.


A wide choice of PTOs are available, electronically controlled for greater reliability and safety :

  • Power takeoff on the gearbox.
  • Engine rear power takeoff.
  • High power PTO between the engine and gearbox.
  • Power takeoff on the transfer box.


Solo drive axles :

  • P995 front drive axle for 4x4 - 6x6 configurations.
  • P1361 rear drive axle for 4x2 - 4x4 configurations.

Tandem drive axles :

  • 2661 and 3361 tandems for 6x4 - 6x6 - 8x4 configurations.

Axle :
1 E93 front axle with 0 mm offset.


Renault Trucks displays innovation with its electronically controlled air management system, Air Product Management. This system offers greater safety, as well as savings in weight, fuel consumption and maintenance:

  • Air production is now controlled electronically rather than mechanically for greater safety and quality.
  • Production and treatment are optimised.
  • Braking power is higher on downhill runs.
  • Compressed air is produced outside acceleration phases.


Renault Kerax is fitted with drum brakes and the latest generation Electronic Braking System (EBS 5) as standard.
This is an electronically controlled air braking system which adapts vehicle braking wheel by wheel according to road grip conditions.

EBS Basic+

  • ABS - controls the vehicle's directional stability during emergency stops.
  • Emergency braking assistance: optimises braking distance during emergency braking.
  • Engine brake management: when changing down gears on wet surfaces, this enables the driver to maintain control of a lightly loaded vehicle by avoiding rear wheel lock.
  • Easy Hill Start: allows the vehicle's brakes to be released without rolling back.
  • SR antiskid system: maintains control of the vehicle on slippery surfaces.
  • Brake shoe wear balancing system: evenly distributes brake shoe wear between axles so that they can all be changed during a single maintenance operation.

Braking system coupling
Renault Trucks offers the possibility of coupling different braking systems: service brakes and retarders.
This system is controlled by the EBS (Electronic Braking System) or manually by depressing the brake pedal :

  • Braking optimisation, adjusted according to axle load.
  • Enhanced brake shoe life: wear evenly distributed.
  • Fast response time.
  • Smooth driving.
  • 100% braking capacity is used (engine brakes, exhaust brake, engine retarders and service brakes).


Front and rear suspension (normal or reinforced) with shock absorbers and antiroll bar.
Parabolic front suspension with a capacity of 7.1t (tractor), 8t and 9t.
Parabolic rear suspension with a capacity of 13 or 15t for a drive axle. Rear suspension with a capacity of 26t (parabolic) and 32t (semielliptical) for tandems.


Maintenance frequency is adjusted to vehicle usage by means of an engine oil use analysis system.

Maintenance assistance provided by rapid breakdown diagnosis and a predictive display of maintenance and oil drain frequency.

The gearboxes: oil drain frequency maximum of 90,000 to 400,000 km depending on  oil quality and type of application.

Rear drive axles and tandems: maximum oil drain frequency of 120,000 to 400,000 km depending on oil quality and type of application.


For optimised coverage of body lengths, the Renault Premium Lander offers a wide range : 

Rigid 4x2 : 3200 / 3500 / 3900 / 4100 / 4500 / 5000 / 5500 / 5800 mm.
Rigid 4x4 : 3500 / 3700 / 3900 / 4100 / 4300 / 4500 mm.
Rigid 6x4 : 3200 / 3500 / 3845 / 4200 / 4500 / 5000 / 5500 mm.
Rigid 6x6 : 3500 / 3700 / 3845 / 4200 / 4500 / 5000 mm.
Rigid 8x4 : 4350 / 4500 / 5050 / 5300 / 5600 mm.


Tractor 4x2 : 3700 / 3900 mm.
Tractor 4x4 : 3700 mm.
Tractor 6x4 : 3200 / 3500 / 3700 / 3900 mm.
Tractor 6x6 : 3900 mm.

A range of cabs adapted to the needs of construction activities:                                              <ul>                                                                                                                                  <li><b> Day cab</b> for a compact vehicle                                                                       <li><b>Global cab</b> available with 3 types of interior fittings                                                                <br/ >                                                                                                                                        -Global Standard - Global Night - Global Utility</li>                                                                        <li><b> Sleeper cab</b> for comfort.</li>                                                                                   </ul>