Construction Days in South Africa

Over 120 customers, prospects and journalists.

Construction Days in South Africa


Once again many people attended these Construction Days.


In February 2011, over 120 customers, prospects and journalists attended these Construction Days organised in South Africa. They offered an opportunity to test the range’s vehicles under actual operating conditions in working quarries and some of the country’s largest open cast coal mines.  

Everyone was impressed by the Renault Trucks vehicles’ performance, driving comfort, reliability and robustness, while at the same time appreciating the close relationship the manufacturer maintains with its customers.

Despite the truckers’ strike which was paralysing the country when this event was being held, the 2nd edition of these Construction Days was able to go ahead as planned, particularly due to the efficiency of the transporters who, under escort, were able to cover the 2,500 km route from Cape Town to Durban and Middleburg safely.