Learn easily how to use the Optifuel Infomax tool

Optifuel Infomax is a unique tool on the market and is perfectly tailored for driver training purposes

Optifuel Infomax is a professional fuel consumption monitoring and analysis tool. An E-learning module is now available to enable you to master on your own the various functionalities of the tool.


You will be able to :

  • Monitor the use of the various options on your vehicles (Optiroll, Retarders, etc.).
  • Monitor the driving style of your drivers against personalized objectives that you have defined.
  • Compare vehicle data from selected periods.
  • Create and archive training folders per trainee, to allow you introduce scores with an objective and a subjective appreciation.


Utilization of a fuel consumption monitoring tool is key in optimizing profitability in the haulage industry; a significant and sustainable gain could be obtained by using the tool in conjunction with training in rational driving.