Opening of orders for the new Renault Trucks Euro 3 range

New Renault Trucks Euro 3 Range

With this new range, Renault Trucks makes the truck a tool for customer productivity. Renault Trucks has made this tool as efficient as possible to enable hauliers to carry out their assignment. This is because the manufacturer believes that the truck is a profit centre which should never let its customer down, should make its drivers feel proud and should protect the customer's business.

Renault Trucks offers a complete range of Euro 3 vehicles dedicated to Long Haul with the Renault Trucks C road, to Construction with the Renault Trucks C and K and to Distribution activities with the Renault Trucks D Wide and D Cab 2.1 m.

Designed and developed in co-operation with its international customers, the vehicles in the new range have undergone the most stringent testing in the history of Renault Trucks.

In terms of vehicle design, this is reflected in the core specifications of this new range. Each component has been designed to respond to a functional requirement, to be efficient on the road and at the same time, to make its owner or the person driving it feel proud. The design of the new vehicles and their equipment guarantees their driver maximum safety and comfort.

Renault Trucks offers a wide range of engines and cabs suited to the needs and activity of the customer. The manufacturer also provides a range of services; Optifuel Solutions, to help customers reduce their fuel consumption on a daily basis.

  • For a truck to become a true profit centre, from vehicle design stage, Renault Trucks has put vehicle robustness at the centre of its focus.

  • Renault Trucks has adopted the most efficient tools and methods to guarantee its customers enduring reliability. And in times of need, Renault Trucks also provides its customers fast and effective support. Thanks in particular to its network of 1600 sales and service points worldwide, Renault Trucks ensures a quick response with minimum vehicle downtime.

  • The design of the new vehicles and their equipment guarantees their driver maximum safety and comfort. Continuous improvement to on-board living and working conditions is a major concern for Renault Trucks.

Characterised by their robustness, efficiency and comfort, the new Renault Trucks Euro 3 range of vehicles is available now.